Nebular Logic Highlights

Nebular Logic is an enterprise logic delivery platform that excels in promoting, bundling, pricing, and configuring complex products and services. Our platform enables businesses to offer more complete solutions while increasing margins, and overall customer satisfaction.

If your business wants to increase its sales & marketing agility, Nebular Logic may be the solution for you!


Smarter Bundles & Promotions

Promote solutions more efficiently while enabling your marketeers to create better solutions.


  • Dynamic Bundling
  • Fast, Agile Campaigns
  • Support Subscription Services

Better Shopping

We simplify the shopping experience with personalized recommendations and customized product selections for each buyer’s specific needs.


  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Guided Selling
  • Customized Solutions


More Pricing Power

Pricing across regions and tax jurisdictions can be complex. Our platform is designed for global pricing.


  • Regional Price Books
  • Flexible Pricing Rules
  • License and Royalty Allocations
  • Margin Thresholds and Protection

International Quotations

Quote and tender products for multiple currencies and regions. We support global enterprise sales quotes and currencies.


  • Omni-channel Sales
  • Standard Quote Templates
  • Multi-language Support