How Nebular Works

Nebular Logic is an innovative platform for managing and distributing business logic across the enterprise and across the cloud. The initial design was developed for sales automation applications. However, it also serves a general purpose rules engine. Unlike traditional business rules platforms, Nebular is designed for both cloud and enterprise deployments. It is ideally suited for deployment by both large and small enterprises.


Business Rules Management

Nebular Logic provides a complete environment for maintaining, testing and deploying enterprise business logic. This includes a built in business administrative tool, a testing interface and API’s for developing customized business applications.

The core of the system is a business logic engine that manages and executes both business rules and business rule patterns with efficiency not found in traditional business rules platforms.

Business Rule Patterns

Business Rule Patterns are pre-defined, reusable, blocks of logic that provide define best practices across a variety of industries. Using business rule patterns enables the definition complex of business logic in a simple, yet reusable way. Business Rule Patters greatly reduce the need for incremental business logic definition and testing.

The Development environment enables business users, to manage libraries of Business Rules and Business Rule Patterns as follows:


Business Logic Optimization

Key to the outstanding performance of the Nebular Logic platform is its rules translation and optimization process. The platform generates a portable representation of the business rules and patterns. This enables portability and reuse of all business logic.

Unlike traditional business rules engines, Nebular Logic analyzes and optimizes all logic before final testing and deployment. Once optimized, the business logic is generated in a highly efficient, machine portable, runtime format for distribution across a wide variety of enterprise and cloud environments.


Deployment and Distribution

Nebular Logic provides a built-in process for final verification of all releases. This enables key product changes to be verified before release.
Applications can subsequently be deployed to enterprise servers, private, public or hybrid clouds. And given the inherent portability of these applications, Nebular Logic applications can be delivered on almost any platform.